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Surveillance Receiver

Surveillance Receiver

Surveillance Receiver

The R650 is a surveillance receiver that picks up the transmissions of listening devices and wireless radio transmitters. It is a lightweight, compact, handheld wide band receiver that allows reception of listening devices via its manual and automatic search features.

Surveillance Receiver features include:

  • Signal Filtering for clear radio reception
  • Preset frequency locations for fast tuning into surveillance broadcasts
  • Audio Output jack to interface with external digital voice recorders

Indicators include:

  • Operating status
  • Signal strength
  • Battery indicator
  • Alphanumeric naming for upto 1250 memory channels (with 200 auto-write scanning memory & 25 scan edge pairs . . . In some instances when ordered with specific transmitters, a 3 Channel verision WILL be supplied.)

The Surveillance receiver R650 has the ability to filter out all radio traffic signals and receive only preset frequencies.  This is vital when receiving radio signals from multiple transmission sources. 

Stealth Squelch: The CTCSS decoding and tone squelch features eliminate background popping noises & reduces reception static.

In addition, the R650 has an LCD control panel that indicates the operating channel number and frequency of the channel.  Its internal memory storage (IMS) keeps all preset frequencies in memory in the event of power loss, preventing channel memory deletion.