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GSM Monitoring System

GSM Monitoring System

GSM Monitoring System

Cellular Monitoring using the GSM Intercept model GSM 3060TP is the ideal choice for all tactical intercept solutions, as this GSM interceptor can be customized to meet most GSM monitoring applications. As an off the air GSM Mobile Phone Intercept System, this GSM Interceptor monitors and tracks GSM cellular telephone traffic in a local area.

For field operations, our GSM Interception systems are chosen for cellular monitoring of cell phone conversations using proprietary passive monitoring technology in order to conduct lawful intercept without alerting the target to that phone intercept operations are taking place.

GSM Interceptor equipment used for GSM monitoring permit law enforcement agents to gather intelligence on suspected criminals and terrorists. No hard wired connection to the cellular provider is necessary, as the GSM Interceptor can intercept GSM signals off the air.

Optionally, the GSM Mobile Phone Intercept System can be custom built to fit inside of a surveillance van in order to monitor & track multiple conversations. The GSM Interceptor can also record real time off air intercept of GSM phone calls for future review.  The GSM Intercept is a tactical intercept, enabling the user to pursue suspects in cities, country sides, and while traveling.

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Note: Cellular Monitoring technology is only available for government agencies.