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Audio Recorders

Audio Recorders

Audio Recorders

Our Audio Recorders are an important addition to audio surveillance equipment, as they can connect to our audio surveillance receivers and record all listening devices and audio transmitters off the air. This enables anyone who conducts audio surveillance to be able to store audio intelligence as evidence.  

Our Audio Recorders store over 560 hours of voice conversations internally.
When we first offered this 2GB Digital Audio Recorder, we knew it was a 'must have' surveillance gadget that would complement most of our audio surveillance equipment. Indeed, the ability to record volumes of audio surveillance from surveillance receivers is appealing. Now you can save all audio intercept records from listening devices and audio transmitters. Simply connect the audio output on your surveillance receiver to the microphone input on your audio recorder and you are ready to store your surveillance logs.

Unlike other Digital Audio Recorders, the 2GB Audio Recorder can store an enormous volume of conversations.

Besides being the largest storage of Digital Audio Recorders that we offer, the Digital Audio Recorder also has an array of impressive features:

Information Stamping:  This means the Digital Audio Recorder can put information on each recording to help you identify each recording, such as the time, date, duration of recording (its size), so that you will be able to find and locate each audio conversation you record. This information stamp is part of an Automatic file and Automatic folder advance feature. This means you do not have to go through all of your recordings one by one to locate a recording.
Recorded files are indexed, making them easier to find.

Cellular Recorder:   Telephone Connection Interface for Cell Phones (Nokia phone users would need an optional adaptor).
Voice Operated
:    Helps reduce recording time when your conversation is at a pause or on hold
Recording Quality:   You can choose multiple recording quality levels, with a setting at near CD voice or audio quality. Most Digital Audio Recorders do not have this type of sound quality.
AC Power:  AC adaptor supplied in order to operate the Digital Audio Recorder endlessly without using battery power from a 110 Volt mains power.
Timer Program:   You can set the Digital Audio Recorder to activate at various times so there is no on the spot fussing with the recorder.
Display:  Easy to read display with blue backlight with menu driven settings
Playback Quality: You can listen to recordings in high or low speeds, without hearing a cartoon talking sound on playback.
MP3 & FM:  The Digital Audio Recorder comes with a built in MP3 Player & an FM Tuner.
Equalizer:   A Built-in equalizer with 5 bands, bass, & treble settings for customized sound.
Phone Recorder:         Supplied connector for recording telephone calls
Cell Phone Recorder:
Supplied connector for recording Cellular calls

Body Recorder:  Body worn lapel Mic for room recordings

Stereo Earphones: For private listening
Software:  Disc for your computer to download conversation files on
AC Adaptor:  Supplied for use with 110Volt mains power.
Carry Strap:  Supplied
USB Connector Cable:    Supplied
Operation Manual: Supplied
AAA Batteries:  Supplied