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Store Policies & Online Ordering

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The following Terms, Policies, Conditions, Agreement, & Acceptance refer to "we" , "us", "our", are all references to the company that manages and operates this website and that company is GCOM Consultants.

Information on this site

While we make every effort to ensure the information and pricing on is accurate and current, there may be instances where inaccurate or incomplete descriptions, technical specifications, content, or other data are displayed. In the event that the descriptions, technical specifications, content, or other data are not correct, such as the listing of an incorrect price, availability, freight costs, freight import or freight export restrictions, freight taxes, or with any other incorrect information, we, and / or shall have the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse or cancel the order, or amend the order, or substitute any item of an order with another item. In the event an item is mis-priced, , at our discretion, will do one of the following:


Pricing & Errors on this site

If an item is priced lower than the displayed price, you will be charged the lower amount and we will ship the item. If an item is priced higher than the stated amount, we will either contact you for instructions or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation. If we cancel your order after your payment has been processed, we will issue you a credit unless this is due to a an order for a restricted product and you are not in compliance with the stated restrictions. If an item has already shipped, you may not be able to recover any shipping or freight or tax fees. We reserve the right to correct errors and / or update the content on our website at any time without notice. All pricing is subject to change without notice. All technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Shipping Charges - Please Note:

You may be required to pay import duties / tariffs directly to the courier of your order or your local Import Collections Office.

Our Freight Charges are only collected to cover shipping from the facility to the port of entry at your local country. Not included in your Shipping Charges are any tariffs and import duties that may be due to your local clearing agent.

Fulfillment: Time & Shipper Responsibility

Orders are generally processed upon receipt. Actual fulfillment time is contingent upon availability of our products and credit verification. It is not uncommon to have to wait 2-4 days or more before your order is ready for processing and / or shipping, but we make the effort to process and fulfill your order as quickly as we can. Some orders may require more time as our products are generally built to order. No orders are processed or shipped on Saturdays or Sundays. If you placed an order and have not received your order, or if you require your order to be expedited before or after you place your order, you may need to contact us by phone or by email with your request.

If you incur a delay due to a backorder, your order will ship out as soon as it becomes available. Shipping is the responsibility of the carrier, such as UPS, Federal Express, DHL, Parcel Postal Service, or whoever transports your order. We do not assume responsibility for the delivery time it takes. We have different delivery options available to you, and you may choose the delivery option that best suits your needs, be it an option for overnight shipping or an option for standard shipping, and all shipping options are for you to decide at the point of checkout so please see the shopping cart at the checkout page when you decide how you would like your order to ship.

Please note all orders are not be subject to cancellation. The number of days the order takes to reach you may depend upon your location.

Shipping: Destinations

Alternate Shipping Destinations: Customers who ship items to an address other than the billing address associated with the credit card used for their transaction agree that they will be fully responsible for the item's retrieval, and in no way will hold us, or its associates, agents, or affiliates, responsible for items lost, misplaced, delayed, or unable to be retrieved.

Shipping Cancellation

If you provide us and / or with an invalid shipping address or you neglect to retrieve your package from the courier and it is returned to us UNOPENED in the form of Refused, Unclaimed, Address does not exist", etc. then we will issue you a credit minus the original shipping charge and the Order Cancellation charge. We do our best to ship the item to the proper location requested, we do however reserve the right to ship the item to the best address possible to ensure the proper receipt of ordered items.

Policies and Terms: Your agreement & acceptance

Should you have any questions, regarding our policies or our products, please feel free to ask prior to purchasing online - by using our CONTACT US page. Your completion of our purchasing process is the equivalent of your legal electronic signature of approval and agreement to the terms, and policies, stated on our site as well as all of our other websites.

Important Note about Refunds

All of our websites, including do not offer refunds.

General Guide and Policies Agreed to at TIME OF PURCHASE

Our policies on this site are designed to keep our pricing and service low for our clients, to filter out those clients that come here for all of the wrong reasons, and protect both the users of our site and our company. Therefore, all sales for any and all items purchased on or from us are completely final. We do not sell our products for use and then allow them to be returned to us. We do not rent or lease our products for use and allow them to be returned to us. This policy has been instituted after years of receiving returned items that have been used, scratched, and broken. We and reserve the right to change any policies at any time without prior notice. Safe and legal operation of any purchased items from is the responsibility of the purchaser (please see our Legal Disclaimer).


Because all items go through a Quality Control prior to shipping your order, they are shipped defect free. If you find that the item may have been damaged by the courier, you will need to file a claim with the courier of your order.

Performance and Specifications

Of the many technologies that we promote, it should be noted that the performance and specifications sometimes are subject to change, and we state this because we purchase products from various manufacturers and distributors and rely on their representation and specifications. All products are built according to specifications and are supposed to perform as specified, or written, on our site . Should you encounter any degradation or lack of performance in the product you purchased, you must be aware that this may be due to external factors beyond anyone's control, such as the environment of use of the product, and not any lack of performance due to design. The environment where you operate your purchase in may alter the performance of the product you ordered and / or purchased.

Fraud and False Information / Third Party Resale

If you have purchased or are planning to purchase from and use fraudulent information to include, but not limited to, false email, or invalid billing or shipping information, you will be blocked from our site and your sale will be final. All sales are final when the purchaser resells or provides any of our products to any third party other than themselves. If you resell or offer our products to a third party, then you become the seller and take over any responsibility for the product you purchased from our websites'.

Attempted Fraud

We reserve the right to decline and cancel orders that as much as hint towards the possibility of fraud. Attempted fraudulent orders will result in turning over your IP address and your order details to local law enforcement authorities, and your credit card provider for appropriate action that may result in publishing negative and inflammatory information about your credit history and profile.

Order Cancellation:

Our order processing and shipping takes resources to operate, therefore, any cancellation of any order of an amount up to \100.00 (one hundred GBP Pounds Sterling) will be charged a minimum cancellation fee of \25.00 (twenty five GBP Pounds Sterling) or 10% of the total sale price, whichever is higher, and furthermore, any cancellation of any order with an amount over \100.00 (one hundred GBP Pounds Sterling) will be charged \50.00 (fifty GBP Pounds Sterling) or 10% of the total sale price, whichever is higher.


Should you require a repair, send an email to info at gcomtech dot com or call the Support Phone Number listed on the contact page to request a Return Authorization form. Upon completion, you may fax it to the fax number listed on our contact page and wait for a reply. Do not ship your repair unless you receive a reply with the proper shipping RMA number & shipping address. Please note that any product found to be modified, altered, tampered with, or tinkered with in anyway, shape, or form may result in a denial of repair, at our discrepancy.