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Listening Devices

What are listening devices? Listening Devices are electronic radio transmitters able to gather oral conversations or sounds and broadcast them to electronic radio receivers. Some listening devices perform one way communications, while others are able to send and receive radio communications.

What are listening devices made of?

Listening devices are made of radio transmitters that interact with radio receivers to feed audio surveillance from one location to one or multiple locations. A listening device accomplishes two functions: it generates a continuous radio signal at one selected operating frequency, and it modulates or varies that frequency, amplitude, phase, or other trait of the radio waves being sent with audio signals from an attached microphone or amplifier. The result is a modulated radio wave with both low frequency audio and high frequency radio signals, and is then sent from an attached antenna.

At that point, the broadcast is sent over the air until it is intercepted by a corresponding radio receiver that demodulates it, leaving only the audio to be amplified enough and directed into headphones, a speaker, or audio recorder.

What kinds of listening devices are there? For audio surveillance purposes, there are hidden listening devices and there are covert listening devices. Both types of listening devices are able to be deployed in non-obvious ways to rid notice of their operation.

Who uses listening devices?
Listening devices are designed and used for surveillance experts in Law Enforcement agencies, security investigation firms, military forces, as well as business and consumer sectors throughout the world.